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What we do...

I plan for the children in my care on a weekly basis, by integrating what the childrens interests and next steps are as well as using topics themes to build upon and extend knowledge and skills.

The children have free access to the resources in my home, although I do set up inviting activities for the children to investigate and explore, some of these activities are focused activities where a specific outcome is encouraged although spontaneity and tangents are always welcomed, and some of the activities are for the children to access independently and adult intervention is only needed to assist or extend.

I have lots of resources to support my planning for the inside and outside areas. I have a mark making area, and encourage free painting as well as structured painting/creative activities where the children are able to learn new techniques. The children use playdough, goop, shaving foam, clay etc... for sensory and malleable play. I have dressing up, kitchen area and create roleplay areas such as shops, post offices, beaches etc so that the children can extend their imaginations.

We enjoy singing time and have a specific music and sound time where the children learn about rhythm and use musical instruments. I have a book area and read stories to the children we have lots of books both fiction and non-fiction and visit the library often. I have small world and construction equipment. I have quite a large garden which the children can freely access, I have some large equipment such as trampoline, swing, slide and playhouse. I also use this area for sand and water. I also enjoy carrying out cooking activities with the children too.

I take the children out when possible to toddler groups, stay and plays, to local country parks, farm parks and soft play so that they access the community and the surrounding areas and get to explore the different environments and are able to develop lots of different skills such as social skills, fine and gross motor skills as well as broadly covering the six areas of learning.